How to handle tough conversations with your child

(WCBD) — Summer is just a few days away. During the summer months, you have more quality time with your kids. You can use this time to talk to them about critical and often tough topics that could protect them in the future.

These conversations are difficult to have during the short time in the car on the way to school, in between dinner and homework and/or on the weekends in between play dates. Over the summer, take the time to have these life-changing conversations with your kids. These dialogues could protect them from potential danger in the future.

According to the local experts at the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center, speaking with your child is an important step in preventing abuse.  Please see the below tips from the center on how parents can start a conversation with their kids.

1. Talk to your child about their body

2. Talk to your child about boundaries

3. Talk to you child about what to do if a negative interaction with an adult does happen

4. Teach your child not to keep secrets from you

5. Teach your child they should always tell you if something happens to make them feel uncomfortable

Begin these conversations with children at a very young age and encourage ongoing, open communication with your children.

If you are faced with a difficult situation with your child and you think expert intervention is needed, the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center wants to be a resource for you. Please reach out to them. Their information is below:

Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center:

Phone: (843) 723-3600.

Our phone is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


1061 King Street

Charleston, SC 29403-3708


**If you need immediate assistance or consultation, please call.

Please do not send confidential information by email.

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