Berkeley Animal Center in need of supplies for dogs & cats

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCBD)- They have only been open since February, but the Berkeley animal center says they are overwhelmed with cats and dogs.

Hannah Moseley is the Public Information Officer for Berkeley County. “Animal centers, really everywhere between April and October, that’s the peak season when animal shelters really everywhere see an influx in cats and dogs.”
Recently a new building was built behind Berkeley Animal Center’s main building. “It was donated to us and it has really proved to fill a need because that’s where all the cats are going. It’s been named kitty city.”
All of the cages inside are now full with nearly 50 cats. There are also about 50 dogs next door. That has created several problems. “We are seeing that we are running out of water bowls. We need more food and we are certainly seeing people in the community step up and give donations, provide their time.”
Right now, they are using styrofoam to-go plates cut in half to use as food and water bowls. They’d love any donations you might be willing to give. “Of course none of the animals are going to go without food or without water, but it is a lot more convenient to have more water bowls on hand.”
The shelter needs food and water bowls, food as well as foster parents for both cats and dogs.
The Berkeley Animal Center is holding an official grand reopening on June 16-17. The will have games and a jump castle for the kids.

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