Murrells Inlet dredging project expanded to remove more silt

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WBTW) – Georgetown County approved a task order to pay an additional $400,000 to continue dredging in areas near the Marshwalk.

The project was meant to deepen the channels and remove silt. The original project finished earlier this month, but there was still a large amount of silt left. Georgetown County believes Hurricane Matthew had a large impact on this project.

“We did accomplish the original intent,” said Broach. “However, the design process started before Hurricane Matthew, while work started after Hurricane Matthew.”

“Essentially, we believe that the hurricane probably deposited some additional silt, so when we went with the original plan specs, it didn’t exactly create the depth that we’d originally intended.”

One business owner on the Marshwalk said he is glad the county is extending the project because it helps them in the long run.

“We just knew that we would be having to start this process over again in about eight years,” said owner of Drunken Jacks, Al Hitchcock.

“Now, we’d like to think we could get 12 to 15 years in between dredging, and this will ensure us that we can go that long before we have to dredge again.”

Two years ago, the county voted to pay for this project, and with the $400,000-increase the county says they are still within budget. Broach said the revised version of this project should be finished by the end of this month.

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