Monday’s Most Wanted: Terry Meyers Roberts, Jr.

*** Terry Myers Roberts, Jr. was apprehended before this story aired. ***

BERKELEY, SC (WCBD)- The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the communities help in search for an alleged drug dealer.

Sheriff Duane Lewis says, “We’re looking for Terry Myers Roberts, Jr.”

Roberts is from the Bonneau Beach area. “We have numerous warrants on him for possession of methamphetamine, distribution of illegal narcotics. We want to get this individual off the street.”

Sheriff Lewis says getting him behind bars will help with a larger problem they are trying to solve in Bonneau Beach. “As you know, we’ve been focused on drugs in that community and this is one of the individuals we need to get off the street and we’re asking the public’s help.”

He says they still need to get the meth problem under control. “Heroin’s come back and has taken the place of meth in a lot of areas of our county, but it’s still out there. It’s still illegal, people are still cooking it, making it and it is leading to all other types of criminal activity which is why we want to get Mr. Roberts off the street.”


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