Sheriff Cannon: CCSO deputies not trained to ‘disable vehicles’ in pursuits

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is opening up about its pursuit policy after several chases have ended in crashes in the last two weeks.

“The line between being a hero and a zero is very fine,” said Sheriff Al Cannon in a press conference Thursday.

The Sheriff talked about the dangers of pursuits and how difficult it is for deputies in the heat of the chase. “They’re constantly trying to decide whether or not to continue that pursuit,” said Cannon.

Two weeks ago, a North Charleston police officer and Charleston County deputy collided while in pursuit of a suspect. No one was seriously injured and the suspect was caught.

Cannon told reporters that deputies are not trained to disable vehicles in a pursuit, but that they can engage one at their own discretion.

The Sheriff said when a deputy uses a pit maneuver in the field, they are reviewed by standards board.

“I think we’re doing it the way it needs to be done,” said Cannon “we’re highly discouraging it, but we’re not absolutely prohibiting it because there may be a set of circumstances that I can imagine down the road.”

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