SC Ports Authority to dock biggest ship on May 13th

(Mt. Pleasant) – The biggest ship to visit the Charleston harbor will soon dock at South Carolina Ports Authority.

The name of the ship on the way is COSCO Development and stretches 1,200 feet and can transport up to 13,092 TEUS. That’s about the size of eight Statue of Liberties, one Effiel Tower, and two Washington Monuments. The ship is sailing from Asia through the Panama Canal and is expected to arrive May 13th.

According to SCPA, it will be the biggest ship to call the east coast and will be a “new era” for the port.

President and CEO Jim Newsome said “we knew the ships were getting bigger and we have been working hard over the last few years to make growth happen.”

He said growth will allow the port of Charleston to earn and invest more.”

That includes things such as harbor deepening, which will get underway this fall, and upgrades to infrastructure. Last year, the SCPA proudly added two new Super Post-Panamax cranes so they can serve ships as big as the coming COSCO Development.

“We needed cranes that could lift over nine on deck because that’s what’s required on the 13,000 TEUS.” said Newsome.

The new cranes have a 155 feet lift height, which is up from the current cranes lift of 115 feet.

You can track the the ship headed to the port of Charleston right here.





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