Hundreds protest CCSD headquarters for ‘principal shuffle’

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) Parents and teachers are speaking out against Charleston County School District following some the organization’s latest decisions.

More than two hundred people rallied in front of 75 Calhoun Monday evening. The group says it’s partly due to the prospect of students’ standardized test scores being used to evaluate teachers and the looming shuffle of at least a dozen principals to different schools.

“I don’t think you can separate the two issues,” said teacher Andew Halevi, “these are equally important to educators and parents right now.”

Dozens of parents from West Ashley High School stood with signs for Principal Lee Runyon, who is among those slated to transfer next year. “Take a principal like that away from the school that is getting better and the instability of that is wrong,” said Katie Brown, who has two kids at WAHS.

Brown worries the administrator may be punished because she and others don’t want him to be forced elsewhere.”I hope he doesn’t feel any repercussions because we rallied behind him, said Brown, “this was our doing, not his.”

CCSD could not share the number of principals being moved but say it’s going to happen despite the protest.

CCSD board member Kate Darby says the board is looking at the move as strategy that will benefit the district on a broader scale. “Certainly the principal – their principal, they see those strengths, but sometimes we see those strengths that would be really helpful to another school,” said Darby.

District officials say the principals salaries will benefit from the moves and it’s possible that when an administrator succeeds at a school in the future they could get shifted to help other schools within the district.

Teacher Andrew HaLevi believes the shuffling will be chaos. “I don’t know that there are any business in the entire world where the idea is as soon as someone is doing well we’re going to shift them around,” said HaLevi.


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