Digital Danger: Protect your privacy on your cell phone

News 2 I-Team looks into how hackers can track digital device users.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) — How often do you leave home without your cell phone? For many, the answer is never. But, that may make it easier for others to track you.

Tech expert Matt Ham says the phone’s built-in security may not be strong enough to completely protect you from hackers.

“The security protocols that are in place are only as good as the company that makes the security protocol,” said Ham

He says users should take updates when your phone suggests it.  For example, your iPhone may notify you when there’s an iOS upgrade available. Ham says you should download and install it.

“There are always security updates that are getting pushed out, and when known exploits are released security experts will patch all the software.”

You also should update apps when appropriate.

Some apps, like Google Maps and Uber, may track your location even if you’re not using the app. If you don’t want that to be the case, you must adjust the location services in the settings section of your phone.

“In an iPhone, it gives you the ability to grant apps access to your location all the time, only when you’re using it, or never,” said Ham.

Users should also have a password for their phone and change it often.

“If your password ever gets compromised, you have less of a risk of that getting out if you’re changing it regularly,” said Ham

You also have the option to turn off voice recognition on your phone, specifically Siri on the iPhone.

Ham’s top tip: Know your device and what settings you have available.

If you need to read further into the privacy and security settings on your iPhone, you can find an online user guide here.

For Samsung users, click here.

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