Clash over SC middle-school sex assaults: Did they happen?

ESTILL, S.C. (AP) – Four years after what appeared to be one of the largest single cases of sex assault on US school grounds, it’s not clear what happened.

Were at least four middle-school students, ages 11 to 14, victimized by as many as 30 kids in a gym bathroom in Estill, South Carolina?

The sheriff’s office investigated and filed an incident report, but a prosecutor never took up the case. Estill Middle School said it couldn’t determine what, if anything, happened.

But one grandmother has filed a lawsuit accusing the impoverished district of failing to protect kids.

In a yearlong investigation, The Associated Press uncovered about 17,000 official reports of sex assaults by students in U.S. K-12 schools over four years. AP’s analysis was based on state education records and supplemented by federal crime data, where the 2013 incident reported at Estill Middle School stood out.

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