Officials warning SC beach-goers about Portuguese Man-of-War


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)–The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is warning beach-goers about Portuguese Man-of War nearing the coast.

“If you see one don’t go into the water it is just not worth it,” says Shannon Howard.

Shannon Howard with the SC Aquarium says its common to see them closer to shore during this season.

“They are normally an open ocean animal and they’ll blow in with the heavy wind and heavy current closer to shore,” said Howard.

The creatures have been spotted on Sullivan’s Island and Folly Beach.

If you get stung Howard recommends removing the tentacles without touching them. Then using a warm compress for a minimum of 45 minutes to help with pain.

The organism is commonly mistake for a jelly fish but it has a much more serious sting.

“It just has a more potency. It probably has the most potent sting of all the species of jelly we have locally,” says Howard.

They have also been spotted on beaches from North Carolina to Georgia.


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