Security Cameras with plate recognition installed in Beaufort County

Beaufort County has installed security cameras at its Convenience Center on Simmonsville Road in Bluffton. 

According to Jim Minor, the County’s Solid Waste Manager, the new camera system will cover the entire property and includes license plate recognition cameras to accurately document the time, date and license plate number of vehicles at the facility. Any illegal waste disposal actions will be captured and provided to law enforcement officials as evidence to help prosecute violators.

The move comes in response to significant illegal disposal of waste at the facility over a long period of time from commercial businesses, contractors and non-County residents despite multiple warnings. 

“Individuals illegally disposing of waste at our convenience centers results in increased operating costs for all Beaufort County taxpayers.  In the past, when incidents occurred, it was difficult to provide evidence to law enforcement to make a case against the violators.  The installation and operation of the camera system will help the County to curtail and address illegal disposal activities.” 

Minor added that when attempting to stop illegal dumping at the site, several County employees have been subjected to verbal abuse and threats of violence from violators. The cameras will also help law enforcement officials to identify these individuals.

The Beaufort County Public Works Department Solid Waste and Recycling Section manages operations of the County’s convenience centers.  For more information, contact the Solid Waste and Recycling office at 843-255-2736 or click here.

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