Earthly visitor breaks into alien welcome center; steals TV

BOWMAN, S.C. (AP) – A man trying to attract extraterrestrials to South Carolina says an earthly visitor broke into his alien welcome center and stole a flat-screen TV.

UFO Welcome Center owner Jody Pendarvis says the intruder breached the 23-year-old ramshackle building shaped like a UFO from a 1950s movie on April 22.

Pendarvis told The Times and Democrat of Orangeburg that the thief gained access by tampering with the pulleys on the ramp that lowers to allow visitors to enter.

Pendarvis says he built the UFO structure in 1994 to attract extraterrestrials to Bowman, about 60 miles (95 kilometers) south of the capital of Columbia. He says he saw his first alien in 1999.

Police haven’t charged anyone in the theft. Pendarvis says next time, “Maybe I’ll have E.T. watch the place.”

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