Bed Bug Infestation in Berkeley County

Tonight, officials with Berkeley County EMS are dealing with a bed bugs infestation.

Medic station 6 on Bee Drive in Jamestown has had three separate incidents of bed bug infestation. Twice last year and then again on April 15th of this year.

Medic 4 in Cross was infested last year. Both stations have been treated.

To prevent spreading to other homes in the community the EMS may visit, crews were moved from Medic 6 to work out of Macedonia fire station 2 on Witherbee drive while the bugs are eradicated.

Rubin Simmons has lived his whole life in Jamestown. He says he feels bad for the EMS crews because of how bad it is to have bed bugs. “When we had bed bugs in the old house we used to call them chinches. No, them things bite you boy all night. You can’t sleep. You just can’t sleep, no.”

Berkeley County Director of Emergency services Dan Barb released a statement saying in part, “Berkeley County does not expect EMS services to be impacted based by this temporary relocation.”

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