May is National Water Safety Month

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) — May is National Water Safety Month, and Governor Henry McMaster is drawing attention to the issue. He just issued a proclamation to help prevent childhood drownings, making May Childhood Drowning Prevention Month.

This comes as many city and county pools are opening for the summer season. Some of Charleston County’s water parks begin operation May 6.

“What you see on movies and TV calling for help doesn’t actually happen,” said Jennifer Ayers-Millar, the Charleston City Aquatics.

“The most common thing is not moving. A lot of kids will just freeze,” she said.

Ayers-Millar says Charleston City lifeguards and water safety instructors know how to spot danger, but also prevent it.

In the last two years, one child has died from drowning in Charleston County.

“The best lifeguards aren’t the ones who say, ‘I had 15 saves last summer. They’re the ones who say I had 15 summers with 3 saves,” said Ayers-Millar.

Water safety instructors with the City of Charleston teach swimming lessons year-round for children and adults.

Swimming students can range in levels.

Adult swim instructors are able to help adults with psychological issues related to fears of the water. They can also help those who are looking to simply improve their skills.

For information about swimming lessons, and for information about places in Charleston with lifeguard supervision, click here.

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