Lowcountry home owners should assess flood insurance plans

Barry Johnson says this is what the parking lot outside his store looked like after a storm caused flooding along Northwoods Blvd.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) — Monday’s heavy rain caused flood damage for many across the Lowcountry—whether it was damage to their homes or cars.

Now is the time to assess flood insurance.

Everyone is in a flood zone in the Lowcountry.

You’re required to have flood insurance if you’re in a high risk flood zone, but insurance agents say it’s important for everyone to get information about flood insurance no matter where your home is located.

Kristi Kalberer, who owns an insurance agency in Summerville, says many people may get advice about flood insurance from neighbors or real estate agents. However, she says every home in different. Kalberer says you should seek insurance advice from a licensed professional.

Also, home owners should remember flood insurance is not included in most regular home insurance policies.

There are also instances where your parked car may flood from water collecting on the roads. Kalberer says as long as you have comprehensive car insurance, you should have coverage. Make sure you review your policies annually as they may change, though.

Also, never drive through standing water, Kalberer says.

“You would never want to drive through the puddle because of many reasons: Number one, you really don’t know how deep that is. What we see can be different from what is,” she said.

If you already have flood insurance for your home, take an inventory of everything in your home and document each room with photos.

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