Blessing Boxes are a new way to help neighbors in need

It’s a grassroots movement to help your neighbors in need. The Blessing Box is about give and take… give what you can, and take what you need.

People around the Lowcountry are starting to put together these Blessing Boxes.

Barbara Mays is putting one together for McClellanville, and says, “I just wanted to do a project to pay it forward. We just moved to McClellanville in January, and it’s a very tight knit community, very diverse, and there are people here who need and people here who can give.”

Here’s how it works, the box is put in a central location. Anyone in the community is welcome to contribute things people might need, like non-perishable food and personal hygiene items. People who are struggling can come by and take it, completely anonymous, no questions asked.

Aisha Miller says, “There’s a couple kids in the neighborhood and they will come by around dinner-time, and grab one item, and go back home. There’s some homeless people that come by, a lot of times in the morning I will see items have gone during the night.”

Miller set up her blessing box in North Charleston about a month ago and she says it’s going well. Almost every day people are using it to eat, and just as often people are dropping off new items. Miller say people only take what they need, and leave plenty for others.

She says, “If you’ve ever been hungry, and I’ve been hungry before, then you don’t want anyone else to be hungry. And people who are really in need, they just come and take what they need and they leave the rest. I’ve never had everything disappear at one time. And they know it’s going to be here, if they need more they can just come back the next day and get more.”

She says many families battle hunger in silence. The Blessing Box gives her peace of mind that they can receive help without having to ask.

Miller says, “When you’re in a new neighborhood, people aren’t necessarily going to knock on your door and ask for food if they need it. So, I just thought it will be a great idea because you never know who’s hungry.”

If you want to donate, they say the most popular items are canned tuna and rice. There are currently five Blessing Boxes set up across the Lowcountry:

  • 1919 Bolton Street, North Charleston (off of Rivers Avenue)
  • 1622 Mulberry Street, West Ashley (Ardmore neighborhood)
  • 302 Ashley Avenue, Downtown Charleston (near the Crosstown)
  • 1389 North Highway 52, Moncks Corner (Living Tees)
  • 822 Pinckney Street, McClellanville (MCVL Realty)

For more information, or to learn how to set up your own Blessing Box, check them out on Facebook.

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