One injured when SUV drives through crowd in Berkeley County

Saturday morning, Berkeley County Sheriff’s deputies say a man drove through a crowd of people, running one over completely. Deputies say 21-year-old Garret Ethan Lane went to his ex-girlfriends home on Tarnbark Court where a gathering was taking place. Lane entered the house, took the keys to his ex-girlfriend’s SUV, and began to race up and down Tarnback Court and Medway Road.

Deputies say people came outside the home and tried to get Lane stop, but he did not. Eyewitnesses say Lane swerved at the crowd and intentionally ran over one of the men standing on the side of the road, incapacitating him. The rest of the crowd was able to dodge the oncoming vehicle, and Lane continued to drive recklessly down the road until he was detained by deputies.

Deputies say Lane’s ex-girlfriend already had a Order of Protection against Lane.  EMS transported the man who was run over to the hospital. His injuries are unknown but he is expected to recover.

Lane is charged with Violation of Order of Protection, Grand Larceny of a Motor Vehicle, and two counts of attempted murder.


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