Caught on Cam: 3 men beat, rob victim leaving job interview

PHILADELPHIA (WCBD) — Philadelphia police are looking for three men who attacked and beat a man unconscious on a city street.

According to NBC Philadelphia, the man had just left a job interview before the April 15 incident. Surveillance video captured images of the attack.

The 25-year-old victim, who didn’t want to be identified, says he had just left a North Philadelphia Restaurant when the men attacked him.

The video captured the suspects punching and kicking the man until he lost consciousness.  Latoya Faison, an employee at 21st Century Storage, witnessed the beating.

“They just attacked him,” Faison said. “It was vicious. The guy stomped him in his head a few times really hard. That would definitely cause a lot of trauma.”

The men then stole his cellphone, wallet, and money before fleeing the scene.

The victim says he never saw his attackers coming and doesn’t know who they are.

A woman who witnessed the attack says it appears the assault was planned.

“That was insane, you could tell that the guys knew who they were looking for,” Faison added. “Broad daylight and then right down the street from the police department? Yeah, it’s, I don’t know. Philly has to get it together.”

The victim continues to recover from his injuries. He is expected to eventually be ok.

Meanwhile, police continue to look for the three suspects.

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