Artist’s portrait of Cleveland murder victim inspires family

LOUISVILLE, K.Y. (WCBD) — A Kentucky airbrush artist is getting social media attention for his latest portrait.

After Sunday’s cold-blooded shooting of Robert Godwin in Cleveland, airbrush artist Tramond Spencer of Louisville, Kentucky decided to paint a portrait in Godwin’s honor.

Spencer admits most of his work focuses on those who pass tragically, but this one really struck a nerve with him and those who saw it on social media.

The image received thousands of comments and hundreds of shares.

“The expression on his face in this picture. I mean you see a lot of things. You see how kind he is. You see that he is not an evil person,” Spencer said.

It also caught the eye of Godwin’s daughter, Brenda Haymon, in Cleveland who reached out to spencer and offered to pay for the portrait of her father.

“In my mind, it was how it really captured my dad’s spirit. It really just rained so true about how humble and a gentle person he was,” said Godwin’s daughter Haymon.

Spencer refused, instead sending the work to Godwin’s daughter for free.

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