Early season storm forms in the Atlantic


The National Hurricane Center has designated the first “tropical system” of 2017, six weeks before the official beginning of Hurricane Season on June 1st. Subtropical Depression One formed in the open Atlantic Ocean late Wednesday morning. As of Wednesday morning the storm was moving north-northeast at about miles per hour with sustained winds of 35 mph.

A large extra tropical low is expected to absorb the storm by Thursday. It is not expected to strengthen into a tropical storm before then. No impacts to land are expected.

This is the third year in a row there has been a pre-season storm in the Atlantic basin. In 2016 we had Hurricane Alex in January which made landfall as a tropical depression on Terceira Island, Azores. In late May, Tropical Storm Bonnie impacted the east coast, making landfall on the Isle of Palms, weakening to a tropical depression prior to landfall. In 2015, Tropical Storm Ana made landfall in North Myrtle Beach, SC on May 10th. This is the earliest US landfall of a tropical system on record.

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