Mayor considering new ordinance to dampen James Island development

CHARLESTON (WCBD) – Residents on James Island are feeling overcrowded, overwhelmed by traffic and even worried that flooding is now a problem for some neighborhoods due to all the new construction underway.

Mayor John Tecklenburg sympathizes with those concerned about the impact of another new development and is reconsidering ways to slow development on James Island.

The Charleston Mayor told News 2 he is hearing concerns from those in the Lowcountry unhappy with the boom in new property construction and he’s preparing to take action with a mortium on hotel construction.

“I share the citizens’ concerns about overdevelopment on James Island,” he said in a statement. “And believe that a moratorium could make a great deal of sense while we work to make the island’s zoning laws more consistent with its character.”

Tecklenburg said he will consult with the City Council and Charleston’s legal department on the proposal in the “near future.”

Tourism and development are bringing in growth, yet those on James Island and the surrounding areas feel it is become too much, especially when it comes to congestion on the streets.

“The traffic situation is getting atrocious,” said Luder Messervy, a resident on James Island. “I mean, it seems like every spot you can find on the island is being cleared for new development.”

The Charleston City Council has studied proposals to limit development on James Island and beyond, but they haven’t set any limits.


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