How to train to be a Storm Spotter


The National Weather Service is calling for anyone who wants to become a storm spotter to take part in their upcoming training.

The SKYWARN Storm Spotter program gives you the chance to identify, provide essential weather information, and to describe severe weather to local experts.

Neil Dixon, a senior Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said it is crucial to have as many storm spotters across the state.

“When information is given to us by a SKYWARN Storm Spotter, it makes our job a lot more efficient and easier.” said Dixon.

According the NWS, South Carolina is a target for severe thunderstorms with about 40 days a year likely to have severe weather.

“In a given year we issue hundreds of severe thunderstorm warnings and most of those are overnight and in the evening hours.” said Dixon.

Every warning issued by the National Weather Service has to then be verified by an eye witness.

Dixon said especially “if we can’t do it with our instruments, then we need to verify with an actual spotter report.”

SKYWARN Storm Spotters will be trained how to identify and report storms.


1) Local Storm Spotter training classes for southeast SC and GA

2) Online Storm Spotter course

The Berkeley County Emergency Preparedness Department will host a training session on Wednesday, April 26th from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM at the Del Webb Resort Cane Bay – 325 Palmetto Drive Summerville, SC

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