Downtown Charleston restaurant closed after structure deemed unsafe

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A downtown Charleston restaurant is shut down after a building inspector deemed the the structure unsafe.

Nick’s BBQ at 288 King St. has been closed since city officials evaluated the eatery on Tuesday.

“It has been an emotional roller coaster over the last few,” said Nick’s BBQ owner John Haire, “First word came out Friday that there was a high potential that we were going to be facing what we faced.”

For John Haire and the staff of 27, it’s tough a order.

“Open one day and closed the next,” said Haire, “you can just figure what it would be, it’s not good.”

City of Charleston Planning Director Jacob Lindsey says any person can look for themselves on King St and see the building is starting to bow. “We think that maybe the building wasn’t put back together properly after the earthquake of 1886,” said Lindsey, “today we have a situation where the facade is pulling away from the structure of the building.”

The building is being remodeled, but John Haire says Nick’s BBQ will likely not return to that downtown location. However, he says they do plan to eventually find a new spot on the peninsula.

Nick’s BBQ is opening up a Mount Pleasant location in May in addition to the one they already operate in North Charleston. Haire says all of his staff will keep their jobs and work at either location.

“There’s no one at fault here, I don’t think, I mean you can point fingers all you want – that’s not who I am as a person,” said Haire, “we got a building that’s just reached it’s shelf life.”

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