Charleston hotels rank highest cost in the country for spring break

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — Charleston leads the country in how much it costs to stay in a hotel here over spring break. That’s according to a new study from surveyed hotel prices for April and May of this year. They looked at the cheapest double rooms at 3 star or higher hotels and inns. That runs you $241 per night in the holy city, the highest average nationwide. To put that in perspective, Los Angeles’ average was $166 per night.

David Larson has been visiting for 22 years. “But I think if you go out of the city, you can still get some very good deals.”

Phoenix Rose and his girlfriend Danielle O’Donnell had to find a better deal due to the high price of hotels. “We had to go with Airbnb to find something a little bit different to give us another option.”

Other visitors, like Patrick Salkeld, say they have seen higher prices elsewhere. “We travel quite a bit. This is not the most expensive.”

Patrick and his wife Cindy have been vacationing in Charleston for the last five weeks. Cindy says she doesn’t believe the survey. “I find that hard to believe. Being from California, most of our towns are more expensive than Charleston. We’ve been kind of surprised by the prices actually.”

But they all agree Charleston is worth it.

You can find the full results of the survey at the link below.

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