Trailer thefts linked to drug wave picking up

CHARLESTON (WCBD) — More and more viewers say trailer thieves are getting bolder, even swiping them in the light of day.

The sheriff’s department in Berkeley County told News 2 criminals are stealing trailers and their contents to pawn for drug money.

As for the precautions you should take — Chief Deputy Mike Cochran explained one of the smartest ways to track your property is to take a picture of it or save the vehicle identification number.

“If it’s not locked down, they’ll steal it, and a lot of times they will steal it for meth or whatever the drugs that they are on,” said Cochran. “You can go to certain areas of the county that are more prone to methamphetamines and that’s where the trailer theft is.”

As for how lucrative these crimes are, investigators say as much as $10,000 per trailer once you add up what’s inside.

Tobie Nixon meets with neighbors monthly to discuss monthly crime trends. As an owner of a trailer, she pointed out how much of a hot spot Berkeley County is and how brazen the criminals have become.

“I have about three locks, but even those can be cut,” said Nixon. “I am susceptible to theft.”

The sheriff’s office recommends going as far as marking trailers with a unique tag or color so it stands out if it is ever stolen.

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