Berkeley County Special Olympics basketball tournament

SAINT STEPHENS, S.C. (WCBD) — Timberland High School was the location for Friday’s annual Berkeley County Special Olympics basketball tournament. News 2’s Raymond Owens was there to witness firsthand the excitement and talent that was within the uniformed athletes.

One by one team’s entered the gymnasium and they were welcomed by cheering and adoring fans. A true symbol of the ingredients that made this event and students come together.

The energy and excitement filled the stadium and it was then that everyone knew it was time to play some ball. This event has allowed the athletes involved to feel excited about their achievements and for good reason. 

The Executive Director of Special Services, Dr. Kelly Wulf, quoted, “it’s really important that all of our schools are included, the kids feel included, it really develops the social skills of our general Ed students for them to develop compassion for kids that are different.”

District officials shared that this event is just one of a number of different things that they do, specifically for special needs students each year in Berkeley County.

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