Cool School: Pinckney Elementary

Charles Pinckney Elementary continues to lead when it comes to stellar academics  and advocating for others.  We’re in Mount Pleasant for our Cool School of the week.

Pinckney Elementary is a National Blue Ribbon School with nearly 11-hundred students in third through fifth grade.   The school has maintained an Excellent rating on the state report card for 12 years in a row.

Samantha Shealy’s third grade class started Project O.N.E.E, that’s “Open minds, New knowledge, Empathy, Equals  extraordinary change,”  this school year.   Third graders walk over to Laurel Hill primary twice a month and serve as big buddies to students with special needs.  Using the standards, big buddies created games and activities to go with the little buddies specific learning goals.  They also researched various disabilities and made “Passion Projects.” Students become advocates for others.  Teacher Samantha Shealy says, “I think that the biggest piece of it has been the real world component, where I put my kids with Ms. O’Brien’s students, and the love compassion, acceptance,  the relationships that have stemmed from this is unbelievable.   My children have learned so much this year, not only through the South Carolina standard, but also just about life.”   “Project O.N.E.E.  has really helped our children not only gain an awareness of disabilities, whether physical disabilities or maybe learning differences in some of our children,  but also it helps foster acceptance and understanding and empathy in our children,” says, principal Leanne Sheppard.   Third-grade student Emma Peroni is one of the big buddies.  She created a game based on her little buddy’s learning goals.  “I made the letter land game,” says Emma.  “It’s like Candy Land but she is working on letter recognition.  She picks a card up and there are letters on the board,” Emma says. “I love the empathy that we show and we don’t bully anyone.

The Citadel Foundation donated 500-dollars worth of books to Project O.N.E.E.

Coming up tonight on News 2 at 5,  we’ll tell you about Pinckney’s cool Breakout EDU program and how it is strengthening critical thinking skills.

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