Video shows employees violent treatment of alleged shoplifter

North Charleston, SC— This cell phone video has a lot of people talking and has thousands of shares on Facebook. In this video you see store employees punching and kicking a man. The store employees also appear to hit the man with a sword and a wooden stick while holding the man at gunpoint.

This happened at the Andrews Discount Market off Dorchester Rd. in North Charleston after the store employees say Tyrone Mazyck tried to steal from the store. One of the employees told News 2 Mazyck was violent with them before the video started rolling.

Monday a group of activists from the National Action Network and Mazyck’s family held a news conference in support of Tyrone Mazyck. They said there is no reason to treat someone that way. They want to see the store clerks punished for their actions.

“I saw a black man being brutalized,” said Latoasha Mazyck about the cell phone video showing her brother being beaten by store employees. Many who joined for the press conference said something to the effect of “When watching the video, I thought it was something that happened in another country.”

“I saw them chopping him with swords. I saw the other brother; pull a gun out, cock the gun because his brother said, ‘shoot him,’” describes Latoasha.

One of the store employees who didn’t want to go on camera told News 2’s Ashley Yost that they have called the police on Mazyck before. The store clerk said, that night, Mazyck came in with a knife threatening employees

In the police report, the officer says he found a pocketknife and a book bag with incense inside. According to the report Mazyck admitted he tried to steal the item. The officer also wrote, “Mazyck made numerous threats and promise of retribution towards both myself and officers on scene as well as the clerks of the Andrews Mart”

Mazyck’s sister Latoasha does not believe her brother had a weapon on him. “He didn’t have a knife. He didn’t have a knife. I don’t believe that. I know my brother,” she said.

We checked Mazyck’s background. He has a criminal history dating back to 1996.
Over the last 20 years, he’s faced charges for things like burglary, assault and battery, assault on an officer while resisting arrest and multiple drug and gun charges.

His sister said this about her brother’s past. “He struggles with a lot of different things, but a violent person, he is not. He said, ‘I got the money.’ They didn’t even give him an opportunity. When he said he got the money, they punched him and they kicked him. If he had walked out, then he stole something. He didn’t steal anything. You held him in the store and locked the door!”

Latosha Mazyck and a group of others, many from the National Action Network, stood outside the store Monday telling people not to shop here. They want to see the Andrews Discount Market closed down.

“I want charges pressed against them—assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. If the camera man was not there to video record that, they would’ve killed my brother because you clearly hear him say, ‘shoot him.'”

The police report says Tyrone Mazyck faces shoplifting charges. The report does not include any charges for the employees seen in the video. The North Charleston Police Department tells News 2 that they are reviewing the video and will let us know if they plan to press additional charges.

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