Monday’s Most Wanted: Cory Matthew Wroblewski of Bonneau

A Berkeley county convicted sex offender is on the run tonight. He’s tonight’s Monday’s Most Wanted criminal.
Cody Matthew Wroblewski sexually assaulted a child under ten years old. He served time for that, and was out on probation. He violated that probation once and was arrested in Louisiana.
Now he is back out and he has violated it again by not registering his current location. That happened in 2014. He was last seen in his hometown of Bonneau.
Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Mike Cochran says Wroblewski needs to be caught. “Given he has roots to the area, if anybody sees and knows him and wants to make a few bucks by calling crimestoppers, we would strongly encourage someone letting us know.”
The sexual assault is not his only criminal act. “No, he is a routine or repeat customer.”
He has at least 4 records just with Berkeley County. “It’s essential that we find him and get him off the street because when he’s out, and he could be near a school or church or somewhere with more kids, and we just can’t have that, because it’s a risk to children around the country.”
If you see Wroblewski do not attempt to approach him, simply call 911.
If you know where Wroblewski is located call the sheriff’s office at 843-719-4412.

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