Ben & Jerry’s says thank you to their customers, supports community on Free Cone Day

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — It’s going to be a warm spring in Charleston! Come cool off with a scoop of ice cream as Ben & Jerry’s celebrates its 38th Free Cone Day and benefits One80 Place. On Tuesday, April 4 from 12pm-8pm you can help celebrate its annual customer thank you event at two area locations, downtown at 96 N. Market Street and 1109 Ocean Boulevard on Isle of Palms.

Why did a company decide that giving away their product was the right thing to do? Ben & Jerry’s has a clear understanding of how vital the community’s role is in any successful business. And so, just as a thank you, the staff wants to thank you by scooping free cones.

What’s better than free ice cream? Knowing that the flavor you choose can help make your city a better place. Along with serving up free ice cream, scoop shops continue to give back to the communities they call home by partnering with a local non-profit organization to help raise awareness and increase support for a worthy cause. In 2017, Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops in Charleston and Isle of Palms have partnered once again with One80 Place to join in the Free Cone Day celebrations. Fans are asked to make a donation when they get their free cone. One80 Place hopes to raise $5,000 to help rapidly re-house homeless men, women, and children.

“Free Cone Day feels a little bit like our birthday party and the best day of the year for us at Ben & Jerry’s,” said Andrew Lee, owner. “Putting a smile on someone’s face and helping spread the word of a worthwhile community organization ­­­­­is what makes Ben & Jerry’s truly special. This year we’re partnering with One80 Place. Their service to homeless individuals in our community is something we should all be proud of and we’re glad to be able to give back to them today.”

So comes the biggest question, what flavor will you have on Free Cone Day? Lee thinks you should join the fun and try a staff favorite, after all, they know ice cream better than anyone. Or one of its new Cereal Splashback cereal milk ice cream flavors including Cocoa Loco, Frozen Flakes, and Fruit Loot! Because sometimes being an adult is just too much.

Free Cone Day is the place to so join us on April 4, 2017, and treat yourself while supporting a good cause in the CONEmmunity.

For more information about One80 Place, visit To learn more about Free Cone Day, visit

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