Sneak Peak: Inside the 2017 Designer Showhouse

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)– Looking to get a rare glimpse inside one of the beautiful homes that line the cobblestone streets of downtown Charleston?

The Design House, an elegant Greek Revival home located on 36 Society Street, provides such an opportunity.

“Charleston has long been viewed as an architectural and design haven,” said Julianne Taylor, Designer Chair. “So it’s an incredible honor to be able to pull together our city’s talent and showcase it together in one beautiful, quintessential setting.”

The project benefits the Charleston Symphony Orchestra through ticket sales to the home, also raising money for young musicians and scholarship programs. The orchestra tries to raise about $80,000 each year.

Alexandre Fleuren — a lead designer on the project — worked primarily with local merchants to create a new look for the carriage house that meets Charleston standards.

“Even though it’s steeped in tradition there’s a lot of new energy about the house,” said Fleuren.

The overhaul of the antebellum home was the product of 22 different designers coming together. Each designer added artwork, antiques and their own eye for color. Every detail was carefully crafted and coordinated, from the parlor to the plush back porch.

“Ultimately that finished product is the imagination of each designer,” said Fleuren. “It’s a perfect example of what Charleston is all about. Charleston is known for hospitality and to be able to open the doors of a private home that would otherwise not be seen by the general public is a fabulous opportunity.”

Built in 1840, the house is adorned with decorative plaster ceilings, original moldings and fireplaces, gracious rooms and dramatic double piazzas.

There are not only traditional collections but also modern surprises spread throughout the 7-bedroom house located just steps away from Charleston harbor.

Everything is for sale inside the Design House, from the paintings to the ornate fixtures.

There’s still plenty of time to take a tour. The house is open through April 15, and tickets are $25.


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