Men tased by Michael Slager settle with North Charleston out of court

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Michael Slager has not worn a badge in almost two years, but North Charleston is still having to pay for him.

Two men who were tased by the former North Charleston police before the shooting Walter Scott have agreed to drop their lawsuits against the city for a combined $80,000 dollars.

Mario Givens will receive more than $27,000 and Jerome Stanley will get $50,000 for their 2013 encounters with Slager.

Ravi Sanyal is Stanley’s attorney says their case was that Stanley should have been left alone while he was sleeping in his car.

“The bottom line is that Jerome Stanley was simply just asleep in a parked car and there’s nothing against the law about that,” said Sanyal, “he didn’t deserve to be treated that way that night so he wanted to pursue this and we agreed with him.”

Sanyal says legal action was decided well before the Walter Scott shooting and that the merit of Stanley’s situation stands on it’s own.

“If any officer did what Michael Slager did in this case, it would be wrong,” said Sanyal, “certainly more attention is brought to it because it was Michael Slager.”

In a statement to News 2, North Charleston officials said, “they are happy to settle these issues.”

The South Carolina’s Insurance Reserve fund paid out more than $2 million in claims against North Charleston in 2016.

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