Autopsy scheduled for Wednesday of body found under Colleton County home

Officials in Colleton County are investigating after a body was found underneath a home. This happened about 5 miles away from Walterboro off Highway 15 on Pleasant Grove Road.
Dominic Donlon lives near the home. “My grandma lives out here. We’ve been coming around for a while now, and this is the first time I ever heard of anybody being killed or anything out here.”
That’s the reaction when you ask people in the area about a body being found under this home Sunday morning. 
Did he or she die of natural causes? Or was this a crime? Donlon said, “Was it somebody homeless? I don’t know what to think about it.”
That’s one possibility law enforcement is considering. The body was wearing two pairs of pants and was inside a sleeping bag, so investigators are looking into whether this could be a homeless person living at the property.
The owner of the home lives next door. She came over to get a ladder when she noticed shoes under the home with what looked like a body. 
Lt. Tyger Benton with the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office says it will be difficult to identify the body. “Once the deputies came on the scene, there was a badly decomposed body located underneath the residence.”
The owner says she moved out in 2011.

The report said the victim appeared to be a 40-50 year old white male, but the body was decomposed to the point that determining the sex was not possible at the scene. 
The body was taken to MUSC. Right now, it is being examined to determine the identity and the cause of death. 
Lt. Benton says they have reviewed missing people in the area, and can not find any that would seem to match this person. 
A full autopsy is scheduled to take place Wednesday.

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