New app makes waves in transportation in Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — Pre-registration has officially begun for HOBA, a new Charleston-based boating application that deems itself the “Uber of boating.” Short for “Hop on a Boat Anywhere,” the on-demand mobile application promises to change the way captains, locals, and tourists ride around town.

Unlike traditional ride-sharing apps, the HOBA experience can be customized and scheduled according to the users’ needs. HOBA allows users find a boating captain using filters based on time, location and price.

Founder David Yates, who has 15 years of captain experience and over 40 years of fishing experience on the Charleston waters, saw the opportunity for both maximizing captains’ time out on the water and changing the way visitors and locals get around town.

“I’ve had this idea for a while now,” says Yates. “As a captain, our busy charter season lasts from April to November. I wanted to fill that void in our schedule while also giving locals and tourists a new way to explore the area.”

HOBA enables users to easily book a charter or a specific pickup and drop-off round-trip without any obligations. Booking, payment, and captain communication is all handled securely within the app.

“I want to show locals and out-of-towners alike the Charleston that I know and love. I want to take them out of the hustle and bustle of traffic and show them around the city in a different way that’s unique to Charleston,” says Yates.

Traditional charters typically require boaters to commit to a 4-hour cruise with strangers and other tourists, leaving little time for other activities. With HOBA, riders can be with their friends and family on a charter for as long as they want, whether that’s getting from Point A to Point B, or spending a whole day on the water. It’s a personalized experience not readily found through other services. To become an early user, sign up at:

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