Waffle House fight witness: “I went in for an All-Star and left with something for Worldstar.”

AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) — Sunday morning, Robert Payne and his wife wanted to grab something to eat. They decided to go to the Waffle House on Opelika Road.

When Payne and his wife walked in, something other than the aroma of waffles and hash brown varieties.

“There was definitely tension in the air when we walked in,” Payne said. “There were only three workers working, and one of the workers was really slacking off, and you could see the frustration in the employee that was pulling all the weight.”

Payne said that one of the workers asked another to move away from the dishwasher so she could clean some dishes. Soon after, the two got close together and began cursing at each other.

“The next thing I know, they started swinging, and I pulled my phone out,” Payne said.

Payne recorded the incident for almost four minutes until law enforcement arrived. Payne offered to break the fight up, but was told to stay out of it by the manager and his wife.

“I heard stop in the background,” Payne said. “I saw spatulas swinging, plates breaking, a lot of hair pulling, just a lot going on.”

The Auburn Police Division said that no arrests were made, but the victim can pursue charges in municipal court if they wish. They encourage folks to contact police if they witness criminal or suspicious activity.

We reached out to Waffle House, and they told us that they are investigating the incident and they will take the necessary, appropriate actions.

As for Payne, after he showed the video to law enforcement, the two workers were questioned, and Payne and his wife were allowed to leave. He said they went to a different Waffle House, had their meal and went on their way. However, this experience will be something they will never forget.

“I went in for an All-Star (Special), and I came out with something for Worldstar,” Payne said. “It was just too much too fast. It’s unforgettable. I’ll probably do Huddle House or IHOP from now on.”

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