Student injured after altercation with knife on bus

North Charleston, SC (AP)- A student was taken to the hospital after an altercation with another student on a school bus.

According to the incident report, the incident happened just after 8 o’clock Thursday morning.

An on-duty School Resource Officer for Morningside Middle School responded to an emergency call in the bus loop.

When the officer arrived, two male students were being held apart by adults.

The adults told the SRO that one of the students had stabbed the other.

The officer found one student was bleeding for the right hand and fingers and the other had a puncture wound on his left forearm.

EMS was called to attend to the students.

One student refused to speak before being taken to the hospital, but the other told the officer that he was trying to leave the bus when the student stopped him and wanted to fight.

The victim said the student then pulled the knife and stabbed him in the arm, but the victim was able to place him a choke hold to prevent him from striking again.

The subject student was treated fro a cut on his finger and is currently being held at the juvenile detention center and is lodged for assault 2nd degree, possession of a weapon on school property, and interfering with the operation of a bus.

The SRO’s body camera was used in this investigation.

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