2017 Cooper River Bridge Run safety and security

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – The following security measures will be taken at the 2017 Cooper River Bride Run to increase the safety and security of all involved in the April 1st event.

Police have released the following information for all Bridge Run participants:

“Together with the help and support of numerous, local, state and federal public safety agencies, we have comprehensive plans in place to ensure the safety of our participants, volunteers and spectators. We would like to share some of the changes you will see this year and ask for your cooperation and support.

There will be an increased law enforcement presence at the start, along the course and at the finish.

There will be an increased number of restricted areas at the start at finish line areas. Additional fencing with designated entry and exit points will be in place around the finish line area. Anyone entering a restricted area with a backpack, bag, purse, etc. Will be subject to a search. This year a clear backpack will be distributed along with your race packet material included with your entry fee.

Leave backpacks or any other unnecessary items at home, please pack light. Remember, if you don’t need it, don’t bring it. “

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