President’s proposed budget would cut some funding to Charleston Meals on Wheels program

Charleston, SC (WCBD)- 600 seniors eat a meal from Meals on Wheels in Charleston every day. Donna Cook, the executive director of Charleston Area Senior Citizens was surprised when we asked her to look into how President Trump’s budget proposal to cut $3 billion of funding to Community Development Block Grants would impact their bottom line.
“It freaked me out a little bit to be honest. When we pulled our budget, three-quarter’s of our annual budget comes from federal funds.”
Just the Meals on Wheels cuts alone equals about 7% of their budget. “That cutting of the CDBG money would affect our budget by $38,000.”
And other programs are also impacted. “The light/heat/electric assistance program is on that list, experience works, which is the program that provides employment for seniors, we have four staff members here working under that volunteer program so that would eliminate those positions.”
Carolyn Doctor Green is friends with several seniors who get Meals from Meals on Wheels. “That’s one of the programs that should not be cut or even tampered with, because there are many seniors in the Tri-County area that depends on a meal. For some of them, that’s the only meal they get during the day.”
She says she believes there is room for cuts, just not cuts to Meals on Wheels. “I know that there may be other programs that can be trimmed or cut but that’s one of the program that I feel deep within my heart that it should not be cut.”
The Meals on Wheels program did have about a 100 person waiting list until the Lowcountry Food Bank stepped in to help meet that additional need recently. But officials say they still have three or four new seniors who apply for Meals on Wheels help every day.

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