Go behind the scenes of March Madness at “The Well”

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Madness has descended on Greenville. Well, March Madness, that is.

Crews are working around the clock at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena as the game weekend approaches.

“We have a whole team of people here today making last minute preparations,” said Geoff Cabe.

As tournament manager for the first and second rounds of March Madness in Greenville, Cabe knows game day is coming quickly.

“We should be all set and ready to go Wednesday for Thursday morning’s practices,” said Cabe.

It’s been 15 years since Greenville hosted a March Madness tournament. 2002 saw Duke come out on top of the first and second rounds. Like a flashback, Duke is back again along with UNC and South Carolina.

“I think that’s going to be more exciting. It’s going to be great basketball the next two or three days,” said Cabe.

Before teams get here, they’ve had to make room for more than 500 media members, including the areas where we see the tears and cheers of players and coaches in post-game interviews.

“Usually a site will get a 2 to 3-year head start once they are announced as a host site for NCAA,” said Cabe.

Greenville didn’t get that luxury.

“We had a 3 or 4-month ramp up with the tournament being pulled from Greensboro and awarded here, so we’ve had to do it all on an expedited time frame,” he explained.

Nearly every useable space is being turned into a locker room or cheerleader warm up area, complete with the March Madness signage that made Cabe realize the all-nighters will be worth it.

“Two or 3 days on a national stage is the kind of advertising you can’t really buy,” said Cabe.

For now, tickets are sold out, though Cabe said you can keep in touch with the box office as the weekend shakes out to see what might come available.

If you can’t afford the ticket, team practices are free and open to all starting Thursday. Find out more information HERE.

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