Two structure fires and a brush fire over the weekend is a lot of activity for a town the size of McClellanville. 
On Friday there was a 5 acre brushfire, on Saturday the Palmetto store burned down and then yesterday someone’s home burned to the ground on River road. This has led to concerns by some that there might be a problem.
Mike Brown is the manager of The Palmetto Store. He says the lack of public water in the area hurt the fire fight. “The problem is the fire department has to bring about 3-5k gallon tanks… there wasn’t enough water to run the hook and ladder to stop it from spreading to the front and at the same time keep the area in the back and also keep the propane tanks ok. The hook and ladder sucked all the water up and they were out.”
We took Brown’s concerns to McClellanville officials. Mayor Rutledge Leland was not available to talk on camera, but he said there is adequate water to fight fires. 
We then called Awendaw Fire Chief Brian Mayo. He said fire hydrants are the easiest way to fight fires, but he said this weekend they had water from their trucks, local ponds that have dry hydrants that suck water from the pond and even a water tank at the fire station across the street. 
He says they never ran out of water at any of the fires this weekend.
Brown says he still believes public water would have allowed firefighters to use more trucks at the same time. “I watched what happened, the whole thing, and there’s just not enough water and it didn’t have to be that way.”
Chief Mayo says all three of this weekend’s fires are still under investigation to determine the causes. He says he is confident that there is enough water for the fire department to do their job even without public water in McClellanville.

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