Woman jailed after joining fight between students at Mullins High School

MULLINS, S.C. (WBTW) – Mullins Police confirm an adult somehow got into Mullins High School Thursday and got into a fight with students.

Leiquenta Grant, 35, is charged with disturbing schools, and police say she may face more charges following their investigation. Two students face assault charges, but their names haven’t been released.

News13’s Kiahnna Patterson sat down with one of those students and her family, and they want answers from the school.

“I’m disgusted about it. I really am,” says the student’s mother, Robin Sanders. “I’d like to know how did she get into the school house? Where was the protection?”

Kabresha Sanders, 16, is one of the students charged with assault following the fight, which reportedly started over an argument about clothes.

The fight was caught on video, and as the family watches it again, Robin Sanders continues to question how an argument between teen girls escalated to an adult reportedly attacking her daughter.

“How did this lady get in the school and get on my child? Sit on her, then beat here like she did?” demands the frustrated mother.

While Kabresha Sanders and another student fought, police say someone let Leiquenta Grant into the school, and she joined the fight.

Leiquenta Grant, 35 (Image Source: Marion County Detention Center)

“I didn’t see her at first, but when I looked up and saw her sitting on top of me, I couldn’t do anything,” recalls Kabresha Sanders.

Kabresha says her head and torso are sore from being hit and sat on, and the Sanders family says it was no coincidence that Grant showed up at the school when she did. The family says Grant is the mother of the other student in the fight, although police have not confirmed that information.

“The woman had to know something was going to happen,” concludes Robin Sanders.

An uninvolved student broke up the fight at the school, and that teen’s mother says the fight could have had a much worse ending.

“These children could have lost their lives, says parent Lenni Battle. “Innocent children could have lost their lives.”

The Sanders and Battle family say they want the school to be held accountable for negligence.

Mullins Police confirm Kabresha Sanders and the other student were both charged with assault.

“I’m trying to figure out. Why did they charge her? This woman jumped on my child,”Robin Sanders said. “She’s charged with assault and can’t go back to school until the 17th. I don’t understand.”

Robin Sanders plans to press charges against Grant and the student involved.

News13 has reached out to the Marion County School District, and a spokesperson says the district is investigating how this incident occurred to ensure it never happens again. The district adds it’s happy with how staff and law enforcement responded to the fight.

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