Dorchester County breaks ground on commerce park building

Friday leaders with Dorchester County Economic Development hosted a ground breaking ceremony for the first speculative building in western Dorchester County at the 1,300 acre Winding Woods Commerce Park located on Highway 78, near St. George, SC.

“Speculative Buildings are proven economic development tools in South Carolina that will bring additional prospects to the community and increase exposure for the commerce park in its entirety,” the press release from the county read.  

In 2015, Dorchester County Council passed the request to purchase three lots to construct a series of speculative buildings. One of those was at Winding Woods. In October 2016, a contract was awarded to the team of MB Kahn and LTC Architects to build a 100,000 SF speculative building.

The $4 million building is being built with a loan from Santee Cooper sponsored by Edisto Electric Cooperative.

In 2012 County Council leaders worked to secure water, sewer, and reclaim water with a $3.6 million investment. $1 million was provided by the Upper Dorchester County Economic Development Fund to contribute to the infrastructure investments. Matching funds included $2.1 million from Santee Cooper, in addition to water and sewer impact fees. The water extension was completed summer of 2015.

“The construction of a speculative building at Winding Woods Commerce Park is monumental for St. George,” a press release from the county read.

The western part of the county is rural and in need for jobs.

The building will be a catalyst for attracting industry to the area, according to the county’s spokesperson

The Winding Woods speculative building completion is set for Summer 2017.

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