Philip Simmons Elementary engages students through STEAM focused approach

Philip Simmons Elementary continues to gain momentum and is going full throttle with STEAM.  We’re in Berkeley county for our Cool School of the week.

Philip Simmons Elementary opened as a new school this school year in a new state of the art facility off of Clements Ferry Road.  The school is named after iconic ironwork artisan Philip Simmons.  The school has more than three-hundred students in child development through fourth grade.

PSES offers a STEAM, Science Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math curriculum.  Philip Simmons Elementary is a one-to-one Chromebook school. The school also has a  3-D printer.  Kindergarten students are also learning coding early.  They recently  received a grant from BP to support technology and engineering projects.
Principal Dr. Karen Whitley says, “BP is giving us 12-thousand dollars to work on putting together a Maker Space.  In a a makers space there’s lots and lots of different materials resources tools that the students can go in that room and they can do a lot of exploration and further their learning.”

The STEAM school engages students in solving real-world problems.  “For our first STEAM project in second grade,  the children looked at the playground and saw a need,” says teacher of the year Doretha Garland.  “They wanted different equipment. and so they were in the process of installing some pieces and the children designed a piece that they wanted out there that they thought would make it better and so, it involved  measurement, finding the cost of the equipment and then they actually raised money to get the piece.”

Genius Hour, Gifted and Talented program, Girls on the Run, and golf are just a few of a long list of activities available for students.  The PSES News Team is top notch.

Coming up Friday on News 2 Today, we’ll present the Philip Simmons Iron Horses with our Cool School award.

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