Lowcounty office space with food hall, yoga studio & brewery coming soon

Charleston, SC—Under construction right now is a revolutionary office space. This project is part of a trend of companies, restaurants, parks and housing moving to the Upper Peninsula of Downtown Charleston.

On site, the project will have a yoga studio, a coffee shop and a brewery. The developers with the Raven Cliff Company realized they had a lack of food options in the area so they decided to create their own. One of the coolest elements that will be a part of the office space—a food hall with a rotation of different chefs offering constantly changing food options. Chief Operating Officer, Michael Wooddy told News 2 how the idea started.

“We started working with Michael Shemtov with Butcher and Bee,” Wooddy explained. “Michael had this idea of this fresh rolling concept of guest chefs that would be coming in to keep things new and different and planned on putting together this conglomeration of chefs that would just cycle through.”

Makes you want an office upgrade, huh? Well, don’t you worry. You can go eat there too. You do not have to work in one of the offices to chow down. Wooddy says they expect all kinds of culinary experiences.

“We think we’ll see food trucks that want to transition to brick and mortar and take that next step. We expect out of town chefs that want to come in and pursue a passion project. We see out of town restaurants, which have existing restaurants, who want to come and test the Charleston market.”

Developers named the project “Pacific Box and Crate.” At one time, the site was home to a fertilizer company called “Pacific Guano.” The most recent owner was a company called “Box and Crate.” Put those together—you get “Pacific Box and Crate.”

According to the construction company, the Pacific Box and Crate project costs roughly $25 million. The construction includes, “renovation of an existing 80,000 square foot warehouse into office space and a brewery/restaurant, a 13,000 square foot office space addition to the warehouse and 2 free-standing 20,000 square foot buildings, which will house a restaurant as well as office space.”

Wooddy explained the inspiration behind the industrial design of the buildings. “Obviously the area is mostly industrial as it stands today. This gives the contemporary architects a little room to be creative, that they don’t get on the southern peninsula.”

Currently they are 95% booked. They have one space still available so you better jump on it if you want it! Wooddy says, they’ve been almost full for a while. BoomTown is already operating in the finished building. Wooddy expects the other tenants will start moving in over the course of the next few months.

Developers want the project to feel like any other downtown block on the Upper Peninsula and not like a tech campus. “I think right now with not as much being in the area we’re sort of inwardly focused right now and it does have a campus feel, but that’s not our intent,” says Wooddy, “The long term intent is to stitch it into the downtown area and we expect other stuff to grow up around us.”

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