Confederate crosses stolen from historic site

YEMASSEE, S.C. (WCBD) – Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the individuals that stole from Confederate soldiers’ graves.

Three Southern Crosses of Honor were removed from the Confederate graves they were marking at the Old Sheldon Church ruins in Yemassee.

Bill Sammons looks after the ruins and says the crosses were placed at the old headstones a few years ago to honor those that served. “It’s respecting the dead and respecting the culture,” said Sammons, “the Civil War – try as you might, you can’t erase it. It’s something that happened.”

The iron crosses are valued at $200 each, but Sammons believes those responsible had other intentions. “It’s just kind of disappointing that the political correctness era that we’re in – that you have to destroy anything you don’t like.”

The ruins have been dealing with vandals for years, but Sammons says this is an attack on history. ‘”I think that if this keeps up there will be no more cultures for the South or the East or the West,” said Sammons, “it’s a shame that people can’t just live and let live.”

There are 52 people buried at the ruins, some of which date back to the American Revolution.


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