Theater manager arrested for peeping in women’s bathroom

Danny Decker

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — A Citadel Cinema Theater manager has been arrested for peeping on a person in women’s bathroom Sunday evening.

Police spoke with a victim who stated she was in a stall in the women’s restroom Sunday evening when she noticed that the ceiling panel above her head was slightly open.  She saw someone’s eyes looking at her through the open space. The victim then stated that she yelled at the peeper.

Upon investigating the scene, police found a large hole cut into the wall located near the ceiling tile the peeper was seen peering though. Police also found a step-ladder directly below the hole on the other side of the wall. Near the ladder was a black folding chair with a set of keys that was on a silver colored key chain.

An off-duty officer went into Theater 7 and found paneling in the wall that was loose. Behind the paneling was a hole, previously cut by a contractor, that gave access beneath the theater seating and into the area there authorities found the ladder, folding chair, and keys.

Authorities entered the area and retrieved the keys. Officials then presented the keys to the theater manager, 33-year-old Danny Decker and spoke with him about the keys. Decker and the two assistant managers looked at the set of keys and all agreed they belonged to someone who is a manager of the Citadel Theater because the keychain contained bank deposit keys, and janitorial keys.

Decker was then asked if he would contact all managers on-duty and have them show their keys. As soon as Decker was asked this by authorities he spontaneously uttered that it was him who was peeking at the victim through the hole.

Decker stated to authorities he “knew that it was a stupid thing to do” and that he “did not know why he did it because he had a girlfriend and gained no pleasure from it”.

Danny Decker was arrested for Peeping Tom and was transported to CPD Headquarters.

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