Bus tour stands behind Obamacare in Charleston

Save My Care bus tour stopped in Charleston Monday.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) — The Save My Care bus tour stopped in the Lowcountry Monday.

Prior to the stop at Brittlebank Park, the bus had made 41 other stops in 19 states.

At the Charleston event, Jeanene Smith shared her story of how she benefited from the Affordable Care Act. Her twin daughters were born only 24 weeks old. Her youngest daughter passed away, but Violet is now 6.

Smith says the Affordable Care Act put less of a burden on her family financially.

“What is so wonderful about the ACA is it allows people with families who are living through some of the most horrifying medical catastrophes to only have to worry about what is going on in that room and not how am I going to pay for this,” said Smith.

Additionally, Pastor Thomas Dixon, who supports the Affordable Care Act, also spoke at the event.

“All of the programs that have been benefiting people we take those away and people die. That’s not what Americans do. We don’t allow Americans to die unnecessarily,” said Dixon.

For more information about Republicans’ plans to repeal Obamacare, visit here.

In response to the event, Representative Mark Sanford released this statement:

The Save My Care bus tour is representative of the way in which a host of national interests have joined the debate on what comes next with the Affordable Care Act. Advocates on all sides of the debate will push and pull based on their perspective. The viewpoint that I am listening to is from those here at home. It’s for that reason that we’ve had 6 townhall meetings over the past three weekends and will be continuing to host them going forward.”

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