‘promposal’ caught on body camera of Horry County police officer

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Being pulled over for a traffic ticket and having to break the news to your parents can be a teenager’s worst fear, but as one St. James High School junior learned, not all traffic stops are created equal.

Michelle Hargrove posted a video of her daughter being pulled over Thursday afternoon by an Horry County Police officer. A video that would normally accompany a warning about speeding or distracted driving, was actually posted to reveal a unique “promposal.”

Hargrove says her daughter, Remi Hargrove, was set up by her prom date, Dakota Brown.

The entire event was caught on the officer’s body cam. Both of the teens can be seen inside the vehicle responding to the officer’s commands as he asks them if they were involved in a fight as they left the school.

“Do you know why I stopped you?” the officer asks. “Were you two fighting back at the school or anything?”

With a bewildered look, Remi repeats the officer’s word, “Fighting?”

“Yeah, we got a report there was a guy and a girl fighting in a white Jeep that left the high school just a minute ago. It wasn’t you two?” the officer questions.

After Remi denies fighting, the officer asks Dakota to step out of the car. The two stand behind the vehicle for a minute discussing exactly how the “promposal” will happen, and then the officer asks Remi to step out of the car.

The officer then hands a “ticket” to Dakota, who passed it on to Remi.

She takes a moment to read it. It’s a request from Dakota to be his date at the St. James High School prom, Friday, April 28.

“Oh my gosh! I was so scared,” she says, now all smiles. “Oh my goodness. How did you do that?”

The two laugh and hug, as the officer watches, and lets them go with a, “You’re all set.”

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