Former Citadel star Tyler Renew trains for the NFL

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Tyler Renew was the workhouse in The Citadel’s backfield last season.

The Columbia native carried the ball 251 times. Quarterback Dominique Allen was second on the team in rushing attempts, with 141. Renew has the motor of a Chevy and the moxie of a Ford but it’s a good thing he’s built like a Dodge (or… like a rock).

Renew is best known for helping lead The Citadel to back-to-back conference championships, rushing for 285 yards against Samford- one yard shy of the school record, or scoring two touchdowns in an upset win over South Carolina in the stadium where he used to sell peanuts.

“Seeing where the program went from when we first got here to how it ended was beyond anything I could have ever imagined,” said Renew, who will graduate from The Citadel in May.

It’s only a matter of time until Renew joins The Citadel Hall of Fame but before then he would like a shot at playing in the NFL.


Since he’s still in school, Renew doesn’t have the luxury afforded to other players by spending their spring semester training with other aspiring-NFL players. But that doesn’t mean Tyler isn’t training. He works with The Citadel’s Head Strength and Conditioning coach, Donnell Boucher, to ensure he stays on top of his game.

“The training is a more of a self-motivated thing,” said Renew.

It works out because the lifestyle at The Citadel requires you to be self-motivated, which only adds to the chip that sits on Renew’s massive shoulders.

“It’s high pressure,” Renew said of playing in the NFL. “I think that being here, I’ve been in plenty of high pressure situations and I know how to handle those things.”

Renew has his first shot at impressing NFL Scouts at The Citadel’s pro day on March 14th.


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