Band boycotting SXSW claiming contract could lead to deportations

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A band is calling on other artists to boycott South by Southwest in response to wording in the music festival’s contract that they believe could lead to deportations.

SXSW CEO Roland Swenson is responding, and apologizing, for the “misunderstanding” over the contract’s language.

“It is, and always was intended to be, a safeguard to provide SXSW with a means to respond to an act that does something truly egregious,” said Swenson.


The band pulling out of the show is Told Slant, out of Brooklyn, New York. On their Twitter page they said they weren’t interested in aligning themselves with any institution that interacts with immigration authorities as a means of controlling where art is shared and performed.

SXSW says the language is meant to inform international artists that if they perform at another show other than their official SXSW showcase, they could be in violation by not having a proper work visa.

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